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Welcome to the NEW Jaki website!

Jaki has launched an all-new website, with improved and up-to-date, mobile-friendly, visual appearance as a part ...

23.04.2015 | Read more »

Extremely lightweighted and effective riffle and pistol suppressors now available!

Have a closer look at out products page!

14.04.2015 | Read more »

Product Launch: Jaki Semi Classic is the latest addition to the Jaki Suppressor line up

As a new model we have added Jaki Semi Classic suppressor to our product lineup. It’s designed to give max ...

14.04.2015 | Read more »

Jakt Journalen 6/14 suppressor test

Jakt Journalen 6/14 suppressor test – Jaki suppressors ranked the most effective suppress ...

14.04.2015 | Read more »