Jaki sound and recoil suppressors

Jaki suppressors are designed for high precision and hunting applications and are used by those who value low weight, efficiency, elegance and durability.

The creation of Jaki's suppressors started with the personal sports shooting requirements of its manufacturers’ Jussi and Aki Nyyssönen in 1996. Since then the products have been developed into high quality and practical suppressors that serve the needs of both range shooters and hunters.

More controlled shots with lighter and more silent gun

It is highly recommended to utilize a suppressor when shot with gunpowder weapons. For example, when shot with 308 caliber weapon the volume of sound can increase to as much as 165 decibels. Even just over 140 decibel impulses of volume can result in a permanent hearing injury. Suitable suppressor decreases the sound level beneath that level and thus provides more comfortable experience when a weapon is fired. 

The balance and lightness of the suppressor enables optimal balancing of the firearm without unnecessary shortening of the barrel. Properties of the gun may change when shortening the barrel. Nevertheless, the gun barrel may be shortened, if its field of application or the owner require it for some reason. A light, well balanced gun is easy to carry in the forest and enables in making controlled and precise shots both in competition and hunting situations. Recoil suppression also brings distinct benefits for controlled and thus more precise shots.